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Home what we offer was formed when our team decided to fill the vacuum for manpower in the service sector more than a year ago. Our team began by conducting surveys of potential service providers in and around Hubli, to create a handy database of ‘domestic patrol,’ as we like to refer to them. We did this by getting down on the ground and conducting house to house surveys, assessing the profile of the inhabitants

Many of the people we initially encountered were women, among whom were a considerable number who had been widowed or lived in families headed by a male who was either jobless, or unfit for work for reasons like slothfulness and a drinking problem.

Over a period of months we managed to reach out to over a thousand people who were already involved in the service segment. Or were potential candidates.

We asked them their birth details, their education qualifications, their religious denominations, work experience and so on. We determined how much the family depended on them for a livelihood and what area they were most suited for.

Whether it was to work in a home or outside, and whether they wanted to be cooks, nannies or something else that matched their personality, skill and salary expectations.

We also needed to know if they wished to work near their home or were willing to travel further. For how long they intended to work. A few hours. A week. One month.

This information was determined through our in-house forces which are also used for sourcing other service providers like drivers, peons, caregivers and the like. We will be adding more job profiles as we progress with our target of providing employment.


Truts Factors

  • We verify our staff and we also allow our patrons to visit their residences to check their background etc, before they finally decide whether to hire them or not. So we don’t make false claims, nor do we sign up people randomly.
  • Transparency is crucial to the success of our endeavour and we are willing to share information that is required for better transactions and service providing.

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