Working women face issues while handling family, house, children, etc. The tension increases when there is a family function, party or festival to celebrate. They feel really frustrated and won’t be able to showcase their talent at work. understands their frustration well. We have personally talked to women working in Hubli, Dharwad, Belgaum, Bangalore, etc and analyzed that these frustrations make them depressed. Even housewives who will be handling a big family, it is a very challenging role to take care of the entire family. has the solution for you. We provide different kinds of cleaning services along with different work structures. We are very flexible with your requirement. We have the following services with us:

Basic cleaning

Do you need help with some basic cleaning? Are you looking for a one-time cleaning service for your house or apartment then we will help you. We make sure that the customer is aware of our work. Before starting the process of basic cleaning, we will elaborate on the customer regarding our work and also will inform them about the results. We always promise the customer 60% of the work and deliver 90. We feel that results matter more than the promise. 

If you want basic cleaning for the office, showroom, godown, companies then we provide basic cleaning for these also. 

Deep Cleaning

You might be confused between basic cleaning and deep cleaning. Let me clear all your doubts. In basic cleaning, will cover only a few aspects of the house cleaning. If you want to clean your house for an occasion which is less important and just cleaning the exterior is enough then go for basic cleaning. It is a very affordable cleaning service. Deep cleaning is the service where we completely clean your house in depth. Deep cleaning is a big procedure and takes more time. In deep house cleaning, we clean the entire house along with the furniture, carpets, chairs, and so on. If you have a marriage, any festival or party then go for deep cleaning.

We provide deep cleaning for office, showroom, company also. We clean each and every item used in the office.

Bathroom cleaning

If you need a one-time or regular service for bathroom cleaning then we are available. We will provide you noticeable bathroom cleaning services. Our team members are working for many years and have satisfied more than thousands of customers all over Karnataka. We use special techniques and chemicals for your bathroom which will give you great results. If you are opt-in for our bathroom cleaning service then we will cover the floor, basin, shower, taps, ceiling, toilet, each and every section present in your bathroom.

Floor cleaning

We believe that it is essential to clean the floors of your house & office on a daily basis for a well-maintained floor but it is not possible to clean the floor under the chairs, sofa, table, etc daily. We will do it for you. If you have stains on your floor then we’ll clean it for you. It may be acid stains or paint stains, we will help you to make your floor sparkling clean. You may need help after party cleaning or before party cleaning, we are available for help in both situations. We include sweeping and mopping the floor completely.

Tank cleaning

Water is very essential in our lives but it should be clean water. The tank is used everywhere to store the water but in order to maintain healthy hygiene, the tank has to be cleaned regularly. Just cleaning the tank is not enough but cleaning it properly is very much essential. ApnaStaff provides you tank cleaning service at a very affordable price. If you are looking for tank cleaning services in Hubli, Dharwad, Belgaum and in Karnataka then we will help you. We provide the tank cleaning service at a very affordable price. 

Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning the carpet is a very tricky job. We have seen people spoiling the entire carpet while cleaning it. Professional expertise is required in order to clean the carpet. We have a dedicated team that works on carpet cleaning. We make sure that the carpet is cleaned without spoiling the carpet. Depending on the type of carpet, we will clean it. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning service for your house, office, apartment, business then you can contact Apnastaff for the service in Hubli, Dharwad and all over Karnataka.

Chair cleaning

It is a service usually not followed in most of the offices. If you are not maintaining the chairs then you are not taking care of your staff health. This may adversely affect the health of your staff which will, in turn, affect their attendance. Make sure that you are regularly cleaning the chairs. We understand that chair cleaning is not a simple task and requires an expert to do it. We will provide you the staff for a chair cleaning service. Our staff will clean the chairs completely and you can check the difference with your naked eyes. We do sofa cleaning also along with chair cleaning services. If you are looking for sofa cleaning services then yes, we do provide sofa cleaning.

Conclusion - Cleaning is a lengthy process and the result is very much essential. Even if you are performing the cleaning service on a daily basis but still you may not find the result which our team will provide you. With so many years of experience and expertise guidelines, we were able to provide 100% guaranteed results for most of our customers. We do not just promise you but we make sure that we deliver more than the promise.


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