Why us

Why Us

Unique Service Points

Point 1 A vast database of trained and vetted office and home staff
Point 2 No hidden charges
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Point 4 Replacements
Point 4 Tracking available
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More power for manpower

ApnaStaff.com recruits its team, unlike most of our competitors, through an extensive grassroots level search for service providers, before we put them on our rolls. They are interviewed at some length, in a detailed fashion, so that they are applied to roles for which they are suited. And then we make sure they translate their service into action.

Because we are also function as an employment provider, we were extremely aware about the give and take between the employer and the employee. Our form of approach towards recruiting the staff is our USP, and through this system, we are building an extremely large database to which we will add more new services over the years. For instance, our customers can track the staff back to their homes and verify their credentials. This will enhance the interface between us and them, because it increases transparency. And it will also serve as a monitor for a healthy, improved business transaction that is to the satisfaction of both parties. Most companies in this line do not offer this service. As we have asserted elsewhere. We don’t do RANDOM REGISTRATION.

We don’t charge you fees until you have made your final decision. Many websites invite customers with all kinds of false promises and hidden charges. These only result in a lack of trust, and are not endorsed by us, because we are in favour of getting more repeat clients. So we will ensure that your experience with us is a happy one, so you will consider doing business with us in the future. And you will also use word of mouth to pass word of our business along.

In addition to this we have a far higher data base of service providers, crossing one thousand and growing. Most of the competition has as low a number as thirty because this segment is not yet organized.

We only charge renewal fees after three months and don’t place the minds elsewhere, once you have made the down payment. The simple reason for this is that we value each and every customer.

ApnaStaff.com also runs on the strength of a group and not one single person, promoting great efficiency in organizing, coordinating and supplying service providers for homes and offices.

Who We Are

Sticking to our promises and commitments, with the expectation of clients as our top priority, ApnaStaff.com provides manpower for domestic services and office support. Our pan-Indian network is also a social service contributor, offering thousands of Indians a source of income and solidity. Our endeavour is to succeed by making your life as comfortable as possible.