How it works

SERVING THE SERVICE SECTOR was initiated for the express purpose of providing a module of employment generation for the burgeoning Indian service sector. Our extensive database of domestic service and office support staff provide homes and workplaces with helping hands for myriads of requirements. .. Supposing you have a pressing engagement at work, or a party to attend and your children are alone. Whom do you call? We’ll send you one of our most trustworthy Babysitters for your babies. Supposing your Security Guard took extended leave and never returned. Whom do you call? We have on call security guards to protect your valuable assets, including your person and your family. We are available for you, every hour of the day. Give us a buzz.
What happens after that is easy as becoming a YouTube star!


First take a relaxed look at our facing page and choose from the wide assortment of service we have on offer. We promise not to spam you with emails.


You can either click at the ‘Enquiry’ button on the slide, or on any of the icons when you have finally made your choices. This will take you to a page where you have to fill in your details and specifications. In addition to the services listed, we provide the following:

  • 24x7 Call Centre Support
  • Free replacement
  • Affordable Charges
  • No advance payment
  • Complete professional attendance
  • No hidden charges
  • It’s hassle free. Can anyone top that?


Our service department will get in touch with you, or give us a missed call at 7899923500 and connect with one of our representatives. We have a reputation for maintaining transparency with our clients. And our service providers are trained, profiled and documented with id proof. We assure you that you will not be asked to make any kind of fraudulent advance payments. You will only be charged after the candidates have joined for work. Rest assured, there will be no worries from our end and your household and office needs will all be met. We have already interfaced hundred of customers and have not received any complaints about the quality of service we have on offer so far. For further proof you may go through our Testimonials. (link).Our vision is not just to meet your expectation, but to exceed it.

Who We Are

Sticking to our promises and commitments, with the expectation of clients as our top priority, provides manpower for domestic services and office support. Our pan-Indian network is also a social service contributor, offering thousands of Indians a source of income and solidity. Our endeavour is to succeed by making your life as comfortable as possible.