About us

About ApnaStaff.com

We set up ApnaStaff.com in 2015 with a very specific goal of providing a vital social service by using the potential of manpower for domestic activities and office support. India has a huge population which we see as an advantage, rather than a disadvantage, because it presents us with an infinite source of talent and potential that can be tapped for greater good.
With considerable experience in this field and a dedicated team to cater to various home needs from topwork to cooking, nannying, security, etc. As well as driving, care giving etc, ApnaStaff has studied and covers most of the basic requirements for the service industry. Our network extends from Karnataka and is poised to cover the bandwith of the entire subcontinent.
We assure you of quick service, without advance payment and also serve as mediators between the service providers and clients. The satisfaction of our customers is top priority. We stick to our promises and commitments and expect the same cordial behavior from those seeking help. Whether it is to lighten your office load, or organize your household chores more efficiently
Convenience is the main value-addition for a company like ours in this segment. People have very little time to attend to too many tasks in their very busy modern lives. As the twenty first century speeds us forward into the future with the help of new technologies and the like, time is off essence. To schedule one’s life properly so one can attend to one’s personal growth and society’s growth, is to be very fortunate.  ApnaStaff.com’s endeavour is proud to contribute to the spiritual, social and global growth with a unique 24/7 service where our customer care department will cater to your needs at any time of day. In addition, we are also an income generator and a source of employment for thousand of Indians who are pouring into the job market every day. Through us, they get access to a decent income and some degree of security. Therefore the customer is not only a client, but also a patron of undiscovered skills. There may be other players in the business, but no one has it all planned out as well as ApnaStaff. Com. So let’s start work together and thrive!

Who We Are

Sticking to our promises and commitments, with the expectation of clients as our top priority, ApnaStaff.com provides manpower for domestic services and office support. Our pan-Indian network is also a social service contributor, offering thousands of Indians a source of income and solidity. Our endeavour is to succeed by making your life as comfortable as possible.